METATRONIX is a company focused on Intelligent Transport Systems for Public Transport Vehicles.

METATRONIX is the result of the merger of Digigroup, a company with over 20 years of experience in Intelligent Transport Systems market (ITS), with the Metatron electronics division.

Company skills:

  • ITS Solutions
  • AFTER SALES Services

More than 25.000 Buses are equipped with Metatronix systems.

Technological innovation is the result of Research and Development. Dynamic and skilled R&D teams ensure a continuous and cost-effective improvement of Matatronix products and solutions. Key concept such as quality, skill and liability are at the core of product evolution.
The new products development through internal design and industrialization is made possible by Matatronix facilities and labs.

Company Background

Metatronix inherits its background from former companies and brands

  • 100% Automotive Industry oriented
  • 100% OEM products quality
  • Leadership in Tele-diagnostics systems for Buses
  • Know-How in Automotive Electronics development & integration
  • High production capacity & niche production with automotive quality standards
  • OEM’s natural partner for ITS systems development
  • Fleet Management Backoffice in SaaS or supply
  • Member of ITxPT Information Technology for Public Transport


ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT Systems & Electronics
Automotive Original Equipment design, production & supply

  • Remote Diagnostic
  • Ethernet Switches
  • FMS Gateway
  • FMS to IP Gateway
  • Audio Dispatcher


  • Managed & Unmanaged Ethernet Switches
  • Routers
  • FMS to IP Gateway
  • Audio Dispatcher
  • Passenger Counting


  • Ethernet cables
  • Antennas
  • Automotive Cables

System Integration & Components Supply:

  • Ethernet Networks
    • Communication System
    • Managed Switches
    • Routers
  • Passenger Counting
  • Video-Surveillance
  • Information Systems
  • AVM Systems


  • HW Warranty extension
  • On site HW&SW full service maintenance
  • Fleet Management
  • Firmware & Software customization



The Intellibus system is based on Vidac control unit specifically designed to acquire and manage diagnostic data in the automotive environment. Vidac™ system is installed as original equipment by leading bus manufacturers.

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The D-Switch is an automotive switch available in 6 and 8 ports configurations, including up to 4 ports PoE Plus, and equipped with M12 connectors. All models are compliant with IP67 environmental protection level, +24V power supply, and heavy-duty automotive environment.

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MPPxPT (Multi Purpose Platform for Public Transport) is a new concept of onboard scalable platform to provide multiple ITS services, compliant with the EBSF and ITxPT specification and other exclusive services designed by Metatronix.

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The FMS gateway, in compliance with the FMS standards, makes the vehicle's J1939 messages available to Fleet Management Systems and prevents any intrusion on the CanBus.

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ITS Audio manager
Amplifier and audio dispatcher designed for Intelligent Transport System applications like Passengers Information System (P.I.S.), Next Stop Announcement (internal and external), Driver and Guide announcement, Multimedia Entertainment.

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CPAX3D is a device combining functionality of a counting sensor and a surveillance camera, embedded with a dual-lens and 3D Depth Technology, it provides average accuracy of 98% as on-board Passenger Automatic Counting equipment.

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Intellibus system is based on Vehicle Data Acquisitions by means of purposely developed smart On-board Control Units.

It is used as Original Equipment connected to the Manufacturers' CANJ1939 network (full diagnostics), or in after-market to any vehicle equipped with FMS-standard interface (light diagnostics). Intellibus System allows acquisition, filtering, transmission and analysis of all diagnostic information available on vehicles and on all ITS devices.


  • More than 230 fault codes including all red and amber dash-board lights.
  • More than 40 context variables linked to vehicle events.
  • About 7.200 DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code).
  • More than 70 mission indicators.



Advanced electronics for vehicles management

  • ADVANCED TELE-DIAGNOSTICS SYSTEMS: Metatronix is market leader in telediagnostic systems, supplied as original equipment on city and intercity buses. The Intellibus solution is an innovative fleet management system focused on vehicle diagnosis, maintenance support, fuel and driving style monitoring.
  • ITS INTEGRATED SYSTEMS: Design, integration and industrialization of complex on-board ITS systems including Telediagnostic, Passengers Information System (PIS), Passenger Counting System (PCS), Automotive Ethernet LAN with WiFi AP and long range Gateway, Videosurveillance, Ticketing.

Metatronix s.r.l.

  • Via Olivetti Adriano, 24
    10040 Volvera (TO) - Italy
  • Phone +39 011.999.2111

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